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Kód školení: COMPS

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ course provides an excellent introduction to the security field and a perfect solution for those whose goal is to become Security+ certified for their job, to prove basic knowledge of security concepts or to gain more knowledge to secure their networks. In this course, students will implement, monitor, and troubleshoot infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. This training will prepare students to pass the current CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification exam. The qualification is aimed primarily at networking professionals, but because security is vital to all levels and job roles within an organization, it will also benefit PC support analysts, application developers and senior managers in accounting, sales, product development and marketing.

Obsah školení

In this course, you will implement information security across a variety of different contexts.

You will:

  • Identify the fundamental components of information security.
  • Analyze risk.
  • Identify various threats to information security.
  • Conduct security assessments to detect vulnerabilities.
  • Implement security for hosts and software.
  • Implement security for networks.
  • Manage identity and access.
  • Implement cryptographic solutions in the organization.
  • Implement security at the operational level.
  • Address security incidents.
  • Ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of an incident.




  • Identify Information Security Concepts
  • Identify Basic Security Controls
  • Identify Basic Authentication and Authorization Concepts
  • Identify Basic Cryptography Concepts


  • Analyze Organizational Risk
  • Analyze the Business Impact of Risk


  • Identify Types of Attackers
  • Identify Social Engineering Attacks
  • Identify Malware
  • Identify Software-Based Threats
  • Identify Network-Based Threats
  • Identify Wireless Threats
  • Identify Physical Threats


  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Assess Vulnerabilities
  • Implement Penetration Testing


  • Implement Host Security
  • Implement Cloud and Virtualization Security
  • Implement Mobile Device Security
  • Incorporate Security in the Software Development Lifecycle


  • Configure Network Security Technologies
  • Secure Network Design Elements
  • Implement Secure Networking Protocols and Services
  • Secure Wireless Traffic


  • Implement Identity and Access Management
  • Configure Directory Services
  • Configure Access Services
  • Manage Accounts


  • Identify Advanced Cryptography Concepts
  • Select Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Configure a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Enroll Certificates
  • Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Revoke Certificates


  • Evaluate Security Frameworks and Guidelines
  • Incorporate Documentation in Operational Security
  • Implement Security Strategies
  • Manage Data Security Processes
  • Implement Physical Controls


  • Troubleshoot Common Security Issues
  • Respond to Security Incidents
  • Investigate Security Incidents


  • Select Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes
  • Develop a Business Continuity Plan


Exam Details

Exam Codes SY0-601 
Launch Date November 12, 2020
Exam Description The CompTIA Security+ certification exam will verify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to assess the security posture of an enterprise environment and recommend and implement appropriate security solutions; monitor and secure hybrid environments, including cloud, mobile, and IoT; operate with an awareness of applicable laws and policies, including principles of governance, risk, and compliance; identify, analyze, and respond to security events and incidents 
Number of Questions Maximum of 90 questions
Type of Questions Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of Test 90 minutes
Passing Score 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
Recommended Experience CompTIA Network+ and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus
Languages English, Japanese
Retirement  Usually three years after launch 
Testing Provider  Pearson VUE
Price $370 USD (See all pricing)

Předpokládané znalosti

It is recommended that CompTIA Security+ candidates have at least two years of technical networking experience, with an emphasis on security. The CompTIA Network+ certification is also recommended.

Cena školení

24.600,- Kč bez DPH
29.766,- Kč s DPH

Termíny školení

Datum Garantovaný Lokalita Jazyk kurzu Délka kurzu
13. prosince 2021 - Praha Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
13. prosince 2021 - Praha Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
21. února 2022 - Praha Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
2. května 2022 - Praha Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
28. listopadu 2022 - Praha Čeština 5 dní Registrovat

Virtuální kurz

Datum Jazyk kurzu Délka kurzu
13. prosince 2021 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
13. prosince 2021 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
10. ledna 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
17. ledna 2022 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
7. února 2022 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
21. února 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
9. května 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
8. srpna 2022 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
15. srpna 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
10. října 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
17. října 2022 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat
28. listopadu 2022 Čeština 5 dní Registrovat
5. prosince 2022 Angličtina 5 dní Registrovat

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