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Course code: POSQLP

PostgreSQL Performance

This training teaches how to safely and effectively optimize the performance of PostgreSQL server. Students understand how to use the tools to monitor, evaluate and tune. The course makes participants proficient in evaluating architecture, using tools, configuring databases, and tuning SQL code and applications.

Course overview

Hardware and Disks

  • Physical disk anatomy
  • Filesystems
  • Performance considerations with disks
  • Tuning disks for better performance

Transactions and locks

  • Locking and concurrency
  • Write ahead logs
  • Data sync options
  • Checkpoints

Operating system

  • Tuning operating system
  • Memory, work memory and index memory

Indexes and Query planner

  • Examining query planner
  • Index types and their usage
  • Full text searh
  • Planner statistics
  • Table partitioning

Replication overview

  • Log shipping and

Additional tools

  • pgbench

Course price

€510 (excl. VAT)
€617 (incl. VAT)

Available terms

Currently no terms available. Please contact us.

Virtual Course

Date Language Duration
6. April 2022 Czech 2 days Register
12. April 2022 English 2 days Register
8. June 2022 Czech 2 days Register
15. June 2022 English 2 days Register
8. August 2022 Czech 2 days Register
15. August 2022 English 2 days Register
10. October 2022 Czech 2 days Register
17. October 2022 English 2 days Register

Alternative terms

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