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DevOps (Development and Operations) ensures better collaboration between developer and operating teams, helps to increase their efficiency, leading to better quality customer service.


More information about DevOps

Course list

DevOps Simulation

Course code Course name Duration About course
DEVES DevOps Simulation 1 day Detail


Course code Course name Duration About course
DEVEF DASA DevOps Fundamentals with exam 3 days Detail


Course code Course name Duration About course
DEVEP DASA DevOps Professional Enable and Scale with exam 2 days Detail
DEVSV DASA DevOps Professional – Specify and Verify 2 days Detail


Course code Course name Duration About course
DEVPOP DASA DevOps Product Owner Premium with exam 2 days Detail

DevOps Fundamentals

Devops EDULearn the fundamentals, key concepts and benefits of DevOps methodology by attending our 1-day DevOps Awareness training.

DevOps is an approach emphasizing rapid, small, iterative development and deployment of applications to better react to and meet customer needs. It is characterized by a cultural shift where Dev and Ops function as one team, focused on delivering business value. The focus is on streamlining across the IT value chain.

Benefits to you:

• Understand how DevOps can create increased value for both IT and the business
• Learn how to build your own DevOps solution by integrating a wide range of concepts and approaches
• Understand the importance of people, processes and technology in creating an effective value driven approach to the lifecycle of IT and IT services
• Learn how different parts of the IT organization can work more effectively together